This is the RDR testpage, which is divided into two sections.
The first, allows you to copy and paste an URL to see what the default RDR would do with it. By default it also displays a large list of links I have gathered over time and how they are cleaned. I use this for regression checking. Since this feature does NOT test your local installation, but against my latest developer version, you can see if a certain link still fails – if so, please report it to me.
The second tests your local installation and is affected of what version you have installed and which URLs are whitelisted. Please note that there are only a few links that test specific features in RDR. If you want to test RDR's cleaning capabilities, please use the first section.

1. RDR's cleaning capabilities (this DOESN'T test your installed RDR version)

JavaScript required!

Green means everything worked fine
Reds means that something is broken in my latest dev version
Orange means that RDR is broken but I don't see a way to fix this. If you have an idea, just mail me

2. This tests your current RDR installation

Standard RD
Redirecting to itself

Image test: (Link: )